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Situation Across the World


Wind energy growth also continued internationally in 2018. A total of 51,3 GW new wind capacity was installed worldwide. The total capacity thus increased by 9,6 percent to 591 GW.


As in previous years, the greatest growth was in China, with an increase of 20 GW. The installed capacity of 2018 lies at 21 200 MW, which is slightly above the newly installed capacity of the year before. Taking that into account, China reaches a total installed capacity of 211 GW, and accounts for more than a thrid of the global intalled capacity. The second largest expansion of wind energy installation was recorded in the United States, with a capacity increase of 7,6 GW, followed by Germany with 3,4 GW, India (2,1 GW) whose capacity increase is clearly lower than in the year before. The expansion of wind energy installations in Brasil (1,9 GW) and the United Kingdom (1,9 GW) remained unchanged. Spain has, in 2018 first time again, contributed to a considarable growth of wind energy capacity by installing almost 400 MW. France reached again a capacity increase of 1,6 GW. Higher capacity increases were recorded in Mexico and Sweeden, with an installation of 930 MW and 720 MW, respectively. The capacity expansion in Poland and Romania fell drastically and practically came to stand-still [Global Wind Energy Council].






The world’s most important countries with regard to wind energy use onshore and offshore

Data source: [GWEC]; [Ohlenforst]
Due to the different data sources, there are differences to other figures cited in this report. 



The following table shows a comparison of the development status of the individual continents. With a share of 44 percent and 260 GW, Asia is now by far the largest wind market in the world. Almost one third of wind power is in Europe and another fifth in North America. New wind markets are curently emerging in South-Eastern Asia, where 4 GW are planned to be installed, mainly in Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines by 2023. Chile and Colombia central markets. 6 GW additional capacity by 2023 is possible in the African market, especially in Egypt, Kenya, Morocco and South Africa [Ohlenforst].



Continent Total Power
Share Growth
Asia 261.152 MW 44,1 % 11,4 %
Europe   189.606 MW 32,1 % 6,6 %
North and South America 135.071 MW 22,8 % 9,7 %
Middle East and Africa 5.720 MW 1,0 % 20,2 %
Total: 591.549 MW 100 % 9,5 %

Weltweit installierte Nennleistung 2018 nach Regionen

Datenquelle: [Ohlenforst]