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In 2018, a total of 754 WTGs were installed on land with with a capacity of 2515 MW. This means that less than half of the previous year's installation. The same applies to the dismantling of 142 WEA or 188 MW rated power. The average rated power has jumped to a new level in 2018 3.34 MW. The rotor diameter is correspondingly reduced to 118 meters and the hub height increased to 133 meters. Compared to the long-term average, the wind conditions were in 2018 below average.

The average Income from the German wind farm has increased due to many new and efficient plants nevertheless to 1801 full load hours the same. For the wind turbines newly erected in 2018, the 2788 full-load hours expected on the basis of the long-term average.





The expansion of offshore wind energy in German waters continues. In 2018, the North Sea received two Offshore wind farms with 78 wind turbines with 597 MW whole or partly in operation, in the Baltic Sea a wind farm with 60 turbines and 378 MW rated output. Thus 1307 plants with 6362 MW offshore wind power: total 19.3 TWh.


Worldwide 21,750 MW were in operation at the end of 2018, the vast majority of which were Part of it in Europe - about 1860 MW.