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A total of 1850 wind turbines with an overall capacity of 5514 MW were installed on land in 2017. In the same period, 367 wind turbines with a rated capacity of 473 MW were decommissioned. The trend towards more powerful wind turbines continued in 2017 - the share of the 3-4 MW class has risen to 65 percent. The average capacity was 2.98 MW, the average rotor diameter 113 m and average hub height 128 m.


According to preliminary data, German onshore wind turbines reached around 1760 full load hours in 2017, well above the result of the weak previous year (+ 16 percent) or the 5-year (+ 7 percent) and 10-year averages (+ 6 percent).







221 offshore wind turbines with 1249 MW capacity were put into full or partial operation in German waters in 2017. By the end of the year there was a total of 5387 MW offshore wind capacity in operation in the North and Baltic Seas. A total of 18,206 GWh were fed into the German transmission grid from offshore wind turbines.


At the end of 2017, around 18 196 MW were in operating worldwide, of which around 15 586 MW were in Europe.