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FAQ Windmonitor


Where can I find a list of all documents related to wind power that have been published by Fraunhofer Society or by Fraunhofer IEE in the past?
Publications by Fraunhofer IEE related to wind power as well as other topics can be found here:

Further publications by Fraunhofer Society can be found here:


Could you provide energy production profiles for single wind turbines or even standard load profiles?

For wind turbines it is not useful to create a “standardized production profile” since the feed-in does not follow a regular pattern.

The feed-in for each individual wind turbine is dependent upon the local flow- and weather conditions at a particular location and for a specific time.

If a large amount of turbines are compiled together, a certain pattern with a monthly distribution can be observed.

Further information can be found here:



Where can I find figures and data about the wind turbines built as additional capacity in Germany (both on- and offshore)?

Information about the additional onshore capacity is published here:
Data about the additional capacity built offshore can be found here:
Please note that the data for new installed wind turbines is based on the plant register which is run by the German Federal Network Agency Bundesnetzagentur (BNetzA). If the data provided by BNetzA is not updated, the figures displayed here will also not be up to date.


I need numbers about the monthly new wind turbine installations in Germany. Could you provide monthly data for a certain year?

Please get in touch with us so we can send you the history of the monthly new wind turbine installations. Please note that the sum of all monthly installations for various reasons (e.g. dismantling) does not exactly match the current wind turbine inventory in Germany.


What is the source for your published data about wind turbines built as additional capacity in Germany (on- and offshore)?

Data of wind turbines built until the end of 2015 is derived from the operator database (IWET database). Data about wind turbines that have been installed from 2015 onwards is based on the plant register which is published by BnetzA. Whereas data about offshore wind turbines built as additional capacity is based on our own data collection.


Diagrams, graphs or texts are not displayed correctly on the Windmonitor website. What could be the reason?

Please contact us. It could be a technical problem with our website.


I need the source data for a graph within the Windenergy Report Germany or from the Windmonitor website. Can you make this available?

There is no separate section on our website to download this data. However, for interactive and dynamic graphics you can use the link source data for image (always listed below a graphic). Pressing this link will display the source data of this particular graphic. Static diagrams and graphics (without the button source data for image) have different data sources which are not publicly available.

Please send us an inquiry, and tell us which graphs you need data for, and for which purpose the data will be used. We then check whether we can provide this information. In general, we can also help you with the further evaluation and presentation of data. Depending on the workload we may have to charge our work to your account.


I have seen a listing of the wind indices on the Windmonitor website from 1993 until 2008. Is there any update of these statistics available from 2008 onwards?

Currently there are no updated indices available since the wind power measuring network of Fraunhofer IEE has been reduced in recent years.

More wind indices can be found within the operator database. For further information please visit (German source!) or


To which country does the published data on the technical development of onshore wind turbines relate?

The figures relate to the wind turbine inventory in Germany.


What are your criteria to consider offshore wind farms within your analyses?

Offshore wind farms are only considered in our analyses if they are connected to the national grid and feed-in electricity. Therefore some wind farms may not be included even though their construction has already been completed.


Is it permitted to use graphics or images from the Windmonitor website or from within the Wind Energy Report Germany for lectures, publications, a thesis, etc.? May graphics also be adapted and published in a different layout?

In general we make our results available for study and research work. However, an agreement by Fraunhofer IEE must be obtained for the use of graphics and images displayed on this website and the Wind Energy Report Germany.

Please tell us which data is required and for which purpose it will be used. When using the resources in your work please make to cite Fraunhofer IEE. We appreciate if you send us a digital copy of your work (thesis, paper, report, presentation, etc.) after your work is complete.


I need information on the cost of wind turbines (differentiating costs of assembly, rotor blade, tower, generator, etc.), and the investment costs (differentiation in costs for planning, grid connection, site development, foundation, etc.). Could you provide this data?

Cost information is currently not measured by our institute.

The most comprehensive study on the cost of wind energy was published in 2013 by the German Wind Guard (German source!): In Chapter 7 the diagrams show a trend of operating costs for wind turbines.

Furthermore, the IEA Wind Task 26 is engaged with LCOE for wind turbines.

The following website provides documents that are freely available for download:
In addition the German Wind Guard is currently involved within Task 26 for Germany and therefore certainly a good contact on this matter.


Where can I find information on the full load hours of offshore wind turbines?

Information about the full load hours of offshore wind turbines can be found in the section “operating results” on our Windmonitor website.

Further information on the operation data of wind turbines can be found on the Danish Master Data Register of Wind Turbines ( and at Noordzee Wind (


Where can I find hourly resolution data of the electricty generated by wind turbines in Germany that is fed into the national grid?

Unfortunately we are not able to make the requested data available. Data on electricity fed into the German grid can be downloaded from the websites of the German transmission network operators (Tennet TSO, 50Hertz Transmission, Amprion or TransnetBW) or from
In case data is needed for a longer period, we recommend downloading from the websites of the transmission system operators named above.


Could you send me raw data concerning the causes of the malfunction of wind turbines?

Unfortunately this is not possible.