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Overall goal of the project is to implement the reliability-based maintenance, which is already applied in industries like the aerospace or automotive industry, in the wind energy industry.


Database driven analyzes provides reliable figures for the determination of weak points and factors that drives costs upwards and thus appraisal procedures for needed improvements. The scientific and methodological basis for the implementation of reliability-based operation and maintenance strategies in the wind energy industry has been provided on the basis of the results of the first phase of EVW. A central task of the second phase is to develop consistent practice solutions and standards that are based on the concepts and methods from the EVW’s first phase. Therefore, service offers in line with demand as well as software and hardware products should be developed. In collaboration with the Federation of German Windpower and other Renewable Energies (FGW) and other committees of the wind energy sector the developed procedures and data structures should be adopted in technical guidelines as an industry standards.