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The following map is presenting the German onshore wind farms of the tender results after 1. May 2017. We try for correctness and topicality of the information on the map. But a guarantee with respect to completeness and correctness of contents cannot be given. If you discover any inaccurate information or if you miss any wind farm on the map, please send an email to


The map





Expansion status of Onshore wind in federal states:





Expansion status, extension in 2018, approved wind capacity, as well as expansion scenario B of the approved NEP 2030 and reported expansion targets from the scenario framework in the grid development plan 2030 (status 2019) in the individual federal states as well as for the North Sea and Baltic Sea. In addition, the mean wind speed at hub height and the mean hub height for projects with information on wind speed are shown in the turbine register. Wind speeds are displayed from 4 data sets per federal state.

Data sources: [Keiler and Häuser]; [Crawford and Hudson]; [UeNB]; [50Hertz Transmission GmbH]; [Bundesnetzagentur];





Exact postcode wind energy distribution:


Exact postcode distribution of newly installed onshore wind capacity in Germany in 2018

Data source: [Bundesnetzagentur]

Exact postcode distribution of installed onshore wind capacity in Germany in 2018

Data source: [Keiler and Häuser]; [Crawford and Hudson]









































Expansion in den TSO control zones






TSO control zones with installed wind capacity, number of turbines

and wind energy feed-in 2018 for each control zone

Data sources: [AGE]; [Statistische Bundesamt]; [UeNB]; [Bundesregierung]