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Tendering Results


Tender rounds for onshore wind turbines were held in 2018 on the first of February, May, August and November.
A total of 2710 MW of wind capacity was tendered in 2018, as around 90 MW of pilot plants were installed in 2017 and this capacity is to be deducted from the actual tender volume of 2800 MW. Due to the weak participation in the tenders, especially in November 2018, only projects with a total capacity of 2342 MW were actually awarded.


Four regular tender rounds with a total capacity of 2675 MW are planned for 2019. In addition, an additional 1000 MW will be awarded in two special tender rounds. In addition, a further 400 MW of capacity will be awarded in 2019 in a cross-technology tender for wind and solar plants [BNetzA_Ausschreibung].


The following figure shows the development of the bid and surcharge values over the previous tender rounds. After very low bid and award values in 2017, the reluctance to participate in the tenders was also reflected in the bid and award values in 2018. In the strongly signed bidding round on 1 November 2018, the average value of 6.26 ct / kWh was almost at the level of the permissible maximum value.






Development of bid and contract values in the various tender rounds for onshore wind energy.


Source: [BNetzA_Ausschreibung];



The new regulations regarding the participation of BEG in the tenders in 2018 have taken effect; the share of citizen wind farms has fallen from 93 percent in 2017 to around 14 percent in 2018. The next dynamic map shows the geographical distribution of the funded projects. Compared to 2017, the projects are distributed much more evenly across Germany and projects in southern Germany are therefore still on the verge of implementation. Only 18.5 percent (27 percent in 2017) of the projects are located within the network expansion areas defined in the tender procedure [BNetzA_Ausschreibung].



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