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Base and Initial Tariffs


Until 2019, the previous two-stage model consisting of basic and initial tariffs applied to new wind turbines that did not participate in the tender procedure. The duration of the initial tariff was determined using the reference yield model under EEG 2014.

The following figure shows the development of the tariff levels in the past years and the development up to 2019. In addition, the level of the single-stage tariff under EEG 2019 for WTGs that do not have to participate in the tender procedure, pilot plants and WTGs up to 750 kW, is shown. The then single-stage remuneration rates are determined on the basis of the surcharges from the tenders of the previous year [EEG 2017].






Development of the two-stage EEG support until 2019 as well as the one-stage remuneration according to EEG 2017 for wind turbines which do not have to participate in the tender procedure.

Data source: [EEG 2017]; [BNetzA Ausschreibung]