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Base and initial payments


The two-tier model, consisting of basic and initial remuneration, will continue to apply to new wind turbines that do not take part in the tendering process until 2019. Depending on the ratio of the yield of a specific wind turbine to the reference yield (reference yield model in EEG 2014) of the respective turbine type, operators will receive increased remuneration for at least five years, and thereafter a basic remuneration up until the 20th year of operation. [EEG 2017]


The following figure shows the development of the remuneration in previous years as well as the extreme scenarios for the development up until 2019. Due to the heavy expansion of wind turbines in 2014–2016 the remuneration was reduced at the beginning of each of the four quarters of 2016 by the maximum possible 1.2 percent. EEG 2017 sets the initial remuneration as of 1 January 2017 at 8.38 Ct / kWh and the basic remuneration at 4.66 Ct / kWh. A further reduction of the remuneration by 1.05 per cent is planned at the beginning of each of the months March to August 2017. As of October 2017 the remuneration rates will be adjusted quarterly, and in the event of large scale additional construction can be cut by a maximum of 2.4 percent per quarter or in the event of little additional construction increase by up to 0.4 cent. [EEG 2017]






Development of the EEG subsidies and possible scenarios

based on the various revisions of the EEG with the latest version EEG 2017

Data source: [EEG 2017]



As of 2019 the determination of the then single-level remuneration rates for the wind turbines exempted from the tendering procedure will be made on the basis of the awards resulting from the tendering. As of this moment in time there will be no more differentiation between initial and basic remuneration. As of this point in time the EEG 2017 reference yield model will be applied for adjusting the remuneration rates to the sire conditions.