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Investment Costs


The last detailed consideration of the cost situation for onshore wind turbines dates from December 2015 and was published by Deutsche Windguard [Deutsche WindGuard]. The costs for the erection of wind turbines are divided into main (nacelle, tower, rotor blades, transport and installation of the turbine) and ancillary investment costs. The following figures on investment costs are taken from a study by Deutsche WindGuard updated in 2015. The results are presented for the most frequently installed turbine types in Germany, which are in the power classes from 3 MW to 4 MW and have a hub height of between 120 m and 140 m. The results are presented in the following. The average main investment costs amount to around 1180 € / kW, which corresponds to 75 percent of the total investment costs. With ancillary investment costs of € 387 / kW, the total investment costs amount to around € 1567 / kW. Depending on the respective project and location, significant deviations are possible.





Distribution of the average overall investment costs (wind turbine 3–4 MW, 120 m – 140 m hub height).

Data source: [Deutsche WindGuard]