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Investment costs


The costs of erecting a wind turbine are subdivided into main investment costs (nacelle, tower, rotor blades, transport and installation of the turbine) and ancillary investment costs. The following investment cost figures are taken from a Deutsche WindGuard study updated in 2015. It presents the results for the turbine types most commonly erected in Germany, which are in the 3 MW to 4 MW power classes and have a hub height of between 120 m and 140 m. The average main investment costs are around € 1,180 / kW, which represents 75 per cent of the total investment costs. With ancillary costs in the order of € 387 / kW, this adds up to a total investment of around € 1,567 / kW. Substantial deviations are possible depending on the project in question and its location. [Deutsche WindGuard]





Distribution of the average overall investment costs (wind turbine 3–4 MW, 120 m – 140 m hub height).

Data source: [Deutsche WindGuard]