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Interference Causes


In the diagram shown below, the frequency of different causes of damage and repairs to equipment is presented. It is clearly seen that most of the reported incidents is due to defective or loose components as well as malfunction of the system rules. In less than a quarter of all cases, the disturbances were caused by external influences such as storm, lightning, ice accumulation and power failure. When specifying the number of messages should also be noted that multiple responses of causes, effects and refurbished parts are possible in the analyzed reports.



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Causes of malfunction

Data source: [WMEP 2006]



The upper diagram was generated from the WMEP damage database. It was developed from 1989 to 2006 with the help of the “Scientific Measuring and Evaluation program” (Wissenschaftliches Mess- und Evaluierungsprogramm-WMEP) within the framework of the “250 MW-Wind” program. Within this period, 193,000 monthly energy supply reports and 64,000 reports on maintenance and maintenance measures for 1,500 wind power plants were collected and analyzed. The objective of the WMEP was to collect statistically proven empirical values for the practical application of wind energy on a scale relevant to energy economics and to evaluate them according to uniform criteria. The results of the project are still one of the few reliable sources of information regarding the reliability of the systems and their components.