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Local Location Conditions


The specific wind conditions at the respective location are decisive for the yield and profitability of the individual wind turbines. In the planning phase, wind expertises are therefore prepared, on the basis of which the further planning and calculation of the projects takes place. Wind assessments are usually based on wind measurements or historical data from neighbouring plants. By comparison with long-term data, an estimate of the long-term wind conditions at the site is made.

The box plot in the figure shows the expected average wind speed from the wind assessments of the wind turbines erected between 2016 and 2018. In all three years, 50 percent of the projects were realized with expected mean wind speeds between 6.3 and 7.4 m / s. The wind speeds were calculated from the wind reports for the years 2016 - 2018. The mean value of the expected mean wind speeds for the wind turbines installed in 2018 increased slightly to 6.92 m / s compared to 6.67 m / s in 2017. The reasons for changes between the different years are manifold. In addition to the quality of the available locations and the selected hub heights, changes to the wind / yield index or the forecast models can also lead to deviating results. It should be noted at this point that only some of the projects - about one third in 2018 - report information on wind conditions and the evaluation therefore has only limited informative value.






Expected wind conditions from wind appraisals of the newly installed WTs

Data source: [BNetzA]