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Project Size


Compared to other countries, Germany is characterised by small and geographically distributed wind farms. Although Germany also has wind farms with high double-digit turbine numbers, these are made up of several projects, some of which have been implemented at long intervals. As the figure shows, most of the projects realized in 2018 consist of only 1 - 2 wind turbines, while large projects with more than 8 wind turbines account for only about 7.5 percent of the projects. Most wind turbines are installed in projects with a size of 3 - 4 wind turbines. The main reasons for the relatively small projects are the dense population density in Germany and the complex orography, especially in inland areas. The development of ever larger plant dimensions also tends to lead to smaller projects with limited space.






Project sizes of the wind turbines realised in 2018

Data source: [BNetzA]