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Turbine Categories


For the analysis of turbines technology development, WT types are divided into category DD (direct drive), DD-PMSG (direct drive with permanent magnet generator), EESG (gear mechanism with external excitation synchronous generator), PSMG (gear mechanism with permanently excited generator), DFIG (gear mechanism with doubly-fed asynchronous generator), IG (gear mechanism with asynchronous generator), CS (fixed speed WT) and others (turbine types with other concepts or inadequate level of detail). The name of a category is based upon the most concise feature of the concept. Whilst previously the turbine market was characterized by fixed speed WTs, variable speed concepts are only being deployed nowadays. Gear mechanisms with doubly-fed asynchronous generator and asynchronous generator are also strongly represented. The application of permanent magnet generators is decreasing.



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Data source: [Keiler and Häuser]; [DIBt]