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The Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt) divides Germany into four wind zones according to the wind conditions. It distinguishes between wind zone I (weak wind locations), wind zone II (typical inland locations), wind zone III (coastal locations) and wind zone IV (coastline). The installation of wind turbines in the respective DIBt wind zones can be seen in the next figure.  In the first years of wind energy use, the extension increasingly took place in the windy zones III and IV. As the figure shows, most wind turbines are now installed in wind zones I and II, with wind zone II again having the strongest increase in 2018 with around 51 percent. The share of wind turbines in wind zone IV continues to decline continuously after a high in 2014.

According to the figure below, most of the turbines are installed on agricultural land (approx. 75 percent). After a significantly lower proportion of new planting on forest land, this proportion almost rose back to the level of 25 percent in 2018. The dismantling of wind turbines in 2018 took place primarily on agricultural land (90 percent) and in DIBt Wind Zone II (53 percent).







Installation of wind turbines in the various DIBt wind zones

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Distribution of the stock and extension of WTGs to the different types of land cover in Germany

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Highcharts Example
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