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The Four Control Areas


The input of wind power in Germany takes place in the four control zones of TSO TransnetBW GmbH, TenneT TSO GmbH, Amprion GmbH and 50 Hertz Transmission GmbH. This figure shows the installed rated capacity, the number of wind turbines and their wind energy supply per TSO up to the end of 2017. Around 80 percent of the generation capacity is installed in the control zones of 50Hertz and TenneT. A just as large a share of the onshore wind power production was fed into the grid in these two control zones with 35 TWh and 59 TWh respectively. The greatest capacity increase in 2018 was once again in the TenneT control zone.







TSO control zones with installed wind capacity, number of turbines and wind energy feed-in 2018 for each control zone

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