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Power Duration Curves Offshore


Consistent wind conditions and the generally high wind speeds frequently result in the provision of large amounts of wind power from offshore wind turbines.The different course of the power duration curves in the following figure results from the enormous power increase over the last year, which was further increased in 2018 compared to 2017. 50 percent of the 2018 annual energy yield was provided onshore in 1894 hours.
For comparison: the value is 2229 hours offshore. One reason for this is the distribution of wind speed. Offshore, this is flatter and the maximum value can be found at higher wind speeds. At 3030 hours, the offshore wind turbines generated an output above half of the installed offshore rated capacity. Onshore, this condition was only fulfilled in 650 hours a year. The average offshore feed-in amounted to 2,4 GW.






Power duration curve offshore 2017 and 2018

Data source: [UeNB offshore 2019][UeNB offshore 2018];