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Power Duration Curves Onshore


The power duration curve shown in the figure shows the number of hours per year in which the feed-in from wind turbines exceeds a certain output. The shape of the curve depends on the extent of the supply of wind and, in particular, also on the spatial distribution of the installed wind turbines. The integral of the curve corresponds to the annual energy yield. When considering the power duration curve, it must be taken into account that this is a representation of the »Wind Farm Germany«, which leads to compensatory effects and thus to significant differences from the classic power duration curve for individual wind turbines or wind farms. Very high and very low outputs are therefore achieved much less frequently.

On approximately 14 days, the wind energy feed-in onshore was below 1 GW. The average onshore feed-in for the »Wind Farm Germany« in 2018 is 10,7 GW. This value is a bit higher than the value of 2017.




Power duration curve onshore 2017 and 2018

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