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Daily Cycles Onshore


The figure shows the daily average onshore wind power over the winter and summer months. The output level for the summer months 2018, with an average of 6292 MW, corresponds to 41,7 percent of the three winter months 2018 with an average of 15 086 MW. The average daily cycles from the individual years were standardised with the cumulative installed onshore rated capacity at the end of the respective year.





Average daily variation of the onshore wind power generated during the summer and winter months 
Data sources: [UeNB][UeNB onshore 2018]; [UeNB onshore 2017];


In the summer months it can be seen that production is dependent on the time of day. This dependency can be noticed in each of the individual years, but also in the long-term average. From 0.00 to 8.00 the level falls slightly. From the average low-point at 8.00 the level rises by around 66 percent by 16.00 in 2018 until it reaches its maximum of around 7248 MW at 15.00. Towards evening the wind power again reaches the morning’s level. These dependencies on the time of day only play a subordinate role in the winter months. This effect occurs due to the increased coupling of the atmospheric layers close to the ground as a consequence of the solar radiation and the accompanying thermals in the summer months. Due to the greater thermal turbulence, the wind from the higher layers of the atmosphere is transported to the atmospheric layers close to the ground resulting in a maximum wind power density in the afternoon hours [Crawford and Hudson].