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International Significance of Wind Energy


The following figure considers the most important wind markets and selected European states in terms of land use and their share of the overall energy yield. The most up-to-date standardized data set for the electricity yield from wind energy of certain countries is available for the year 2016 from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). Germany is now the country with the highest power density (167,2 kW / km²). In Denmark almost every second kilowatt hour has already been generated from wind energy. Ireland (20,2 percent), Portugal (20,7 percent) and Spain (17,8 percent) also have a high share of wind energy. Germany and the United Kingdom are behind with 12 and 11 percent, respectively. Surface states such as the USA (10,6 kW / km²; 5,3 percent), India (10,7 kW / km²; 2,5 percent), Brazil (1,7 kW / km²; 5,8 percent) or China (21,9 kW / km²; 3,9 percent) have significantly lower values despite their leading position in total population.





Relative importance of wind energy in international comparison, Status: Share of wind energy yield from 2016,

Power density from 2018

Data sources: [Ohlenforst]; [IRENA]; [CIA]