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Situation across the world


Wind energy growth also continued internationally in 2017. A total of 52.6 GW new wind capacity was installed worldwide. The total capacity thus increased by 10.9 per cent to 539.6 GW.


As in previous years, the greatest growth was in China in 2017. With an increase of 20 GW. The installed capacity in China reached 188 GW. The second largest increase was achieved by the United States with 6.9 GW, followed by Germany with 6.1 GW, UK (4.3 GW) and India (4.1 GW) and Brazil (2.0 GW). Brazil thus consolidated its role as the tenth-largest wind market worldwide. France also registered strong growth with around 1.7 GW, as well south africa there a growth of 0.6 GW was registered. There is still no turnaround in sight in Spain. Again, only 0.1 GW were built [Global Wind Energy Council 2017].




The world’s most important countries with regard to wind energy use onshore and offshore

Data source: [Global Wind Energy Council 2017]
Due to the different data sources, there are differences to other figures cited in this report. 



The following table shows a comparison of the development status of the individual continents. With a share of 42.4 percent and 50 GW, Asia is now by far the largest wind market in the world. One third of wind power is in Europe and another fifth in North America. However, the highest growth figures for 2017 come from the south. The high level of growth in Brazil, Uruguay and South Africa led to a strong increase in wind power in Latin America. Growth of more than 16 percent was also recorded in the Middle East and Africa. Nevertheless, the north-south divide continues, as only 5 percent of the use of wind energy occurs in the southern hemisphere.



Continent   Total power Share Growth
Asien 228 542MW 42,4 % 12,2 %
Europa    178 096 MW 33,0 % 10,4 %
Nordamerika 105 321 MW 19,5 % 7,9 %
Lateinamerika 17 891 MW 3,3 % 17,0 %
Australien & Ozeanien 5 193 MW 1,0 % 4,6 %
Mittlerer Osten & Afrika 4 538 MW 0,8 % 16,2 %
Summe: 539 581 MW 100 % 10,9 %


Weltweit installierte Nennleistung 2017 nach Regionen

Datenquelle: [Global Wind Energy Council 2017]