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Renewables in the overall mix


The following figure shows development over time. Lignite remains the most important fossil fuel. The proportion of hard coal (from 17.3 to 14.4 percent) and nuclear energy (from 13.0 to 11.4 percent) have continued to fall. By contrast, the share of natural gas in electricity generation has again increased to 13.1 percent. The development of PV and biomass has stagnated since 2013, although both had previously recorded double-digit growth rates for several years, even more than 50 percent for PV between 2002 and 2011. As in recent years, hydroelectric power continues to contribute around 3 percent of gross electricity generation.






Development of electricity production from renewable energies since 1990
Data source: [AG Energiebilanzen e.V.]


In the New Year's Night from 2017 to 2018, all of Germany's electricity requirements were covered by renewable energies for the first time.